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Stream Her’s’ ‘Love on the Line (Call Now)’ for Free

Liverpool-based jangle pop duo Her’s have shared a free stream of ‘Love on the Line (Call Now)’.

They also unveiled their upcoming live dates;

Friday 18th May
Beach Venue 2 (SESAC Stage) – 13:00 – 13:30
Horatio’s (DIY Stage) – 22:15 – 22:45

Saturday 19th May
St. Marys Church (Brighton’s Finest Alt Escape Stage) – 18:50 – 19:20



Stream JP Maurice’s ‘Rocket’ for Free

Vancouver artist JP Maurice has shared a free stream of ‘Rocket’ from his forthcoming album Boys, out on May 18.

It’s the follow-up to his 2017 EP Girls. Maurice started work on the album four years ago at The Trailer, a small studio in Toronto.

“Many of the songs were reworked or even scrapped for newer, stronger, or more appropriate tunes,” he said in an e-mail. “And this all culminated in recording sessions in Vancouver in the Summer of 2016 with producer/mixer Russell Broom at Blue Light Studio, which I luckily had become a partner in after successfully taking home 2nd place in the final edition of The Peak Performance Project. 15+ songs were recorded and it was decided to break the album up into 2 parts which became the Girls EP and Boys LP.”

Maurice released Girls after his 2013 debut The Arborist, streaming for free via his Bandcamp;

The track ‘Go’ can be found on both Girls and Boys. Check out the video for the track;

Catch JP Maurice on the following dates;

May 11 – Toronto, ON – The Cameron House (CMW)
May 18 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre (Album Release Show)

Stream Strangers on the Internet’s ‘Good Problems’ for Free

NYC experimental pop duo Strangers on the Internet have shared a free stream of ‘Good Problems’.

The band’s sound is a combination of  electro-pop, hip-hop and classical with other instruments. Bandmates Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhausen work as coders during the day and produce their music in a former textile mill by night.

‘Good Problems’ is influenced by 90’s East Coast hip-hop with vocals that evoke 1920’s jazz singers.

“I like reading about finance and economics. I got the name Strangers on the Internet from a headline in The Wall Street Journal. I was walking around Amsterdam and the notification popped up on my phone, something about a man who takes investment direction from strangers on the internet. He has lots of money, and they tell him what to invest in, and he invests in it. I thought, it’s so funny how everything now is about that, it’s all strangers on the internet. So that’s our name,” Wolfson said in an e-mail.
“I started writing this song when I began my job at Bloomberg. The company’s headquarters is in a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan and the sixth floor has this massive atrium that’s like a glass temple with steel ribs. Skyscrapers remind me of churches, metal and glass stretching upward and so on, and I wanted the song to sound like a hymn in places, with choirs and piano and strings,” she explained.
“My therapist once gave me this book called Bullish Thinking. It’s basically a self-help manual for financial advisors who can’t cope with the stress of their jobs. It’s got stories of finance guys who killed themselves ‘cause they lost money for their clients. Some of that stuff found its way into the lyrics – the third verse gets pretty dark.”
Catch Strangers on the Internet on the following dates;
3/17 – St. Paddy’s Day GOLD Party at Secret Loft
3/30 – Indie Pop Night at Secret Loft

Falcon Jane Unveil the Video for ‘Go With The Flow’

Orangeville, Ontario “plez-rock” band Falcon Jane have shared the video for ‘Go With The Flow’ from their forthcoming third album Feelin’ Freaky, out this summer, release date TBA.

In an e-mail, frontwoman Sara May describes the band’s music as being, “by nature, truth, peace and magic! (and life n death n whatever else).”

The band toured Eastern Canada in 2017 as well as gigs in a number of Toronto’s best-known venues.

“‘Go With The Flow’ is the ultimate chill out song for freaky, anxious peeps like me. It’s currently my fave Falcon Jane tune, so I wanted the video to feel very personal – very true to me. I directed, produced, and edited the video (got my bff, Deviio, to shoot it), and it’s basically about me chillin’ in my small town, doing things that make me relax n feel cool. My background is in filmmaking so it was nice to be able to combine my two passions to create this masterpiece!” May said.

Catch Falcon Jane on the following dates;

March 3 @ Smiling Buddha, (Toronto, ON)

April 20 @ Burnt Brick Cafe (Woodstock, ON)

April 21 @ Bicycle Cafe (Flesherton, ON)

Stream Tusks’ ‘London Thunder’ (Foals Cover) for Free

Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, had this to say about her cover of Foals’ ‘London Thunder’.

“I never planned for this to go on the album, but we had a spare half an hour at the end of a recording session at Lightship so we decided to just try out a live take. Luckily we got it in one and it felt right to finish the album with it,” she said in a statement.

The track can be found on her debut album Dissolve, out on October 13.

Catch Tusks on the following dates;

1 NOV – Reykjavik, IS – Iceland Airwaves
15 NOV – London, UK – Kamio

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Tusks’ ‘Dissolve’

Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, had this to say about the video for for the title track from her debut album Dissolve, due out on September 13 via One Little Indian;

“As soon as I wrote Dissolve, I had a really strong vision for the video of two people fighting on a dimly lit London street at night. We were so lucky with the amazing actors and production team that brought it to life and added in the ideas of shooting the whole thing in reverse in one shot with the changing lights – it adds such a dreamy quality to it,” Underhill said in a statement.

Dissolve follows her Ink and False EPs. She worked alongside long-time producer Brett Cox on the album.

“I’m a very visual person, I love being outdoors and surrounded by nature. I grew up by the sea and I’ve always tried to spend as much time outside and travel as much as possible – I think perhaps subconsciously that all influences how cinematic some of my music can be and why I love creating the artwork to go with it,” she said.

“I can have something going in in my life and listen to a song and totally relate that song to me – it’s like that artist is sharing that experience with me and creating a soundtrack to my life. I take a lot of inspiration from more cinematic music in the creation and production of my music and maybe that’s why that idea sits with me more – it creates a closer connection between the listener and the record,” Underhill added.

Catch Tusks on the following dates;

09 September, OnBlackheath Festival, London
15 September, Kamio at Red Gallery, London

For You
My Love
London Thunder

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Leikeli47’s ‘O.M.C.’

Leikeli47 has unveiled the video for ‘O.M.C’ from her debut album Wash & Set, out on September 8 on Hardcover/RCA Records.

The visual features Brooklyn-based marching band Approaching Storm.

Her track ‘Attitude’ was recently used in an episode of the HBO show Insecure. She also shared a free stream of ‘Miss Me’;

Catch Leikeli47 on August 15th at Baby’s All Right in New York. She also has dates coming up on August 26th at Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn and on September 3rd at Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.