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Stream Tuns’ ‘Throw It All Away’ for Free

Tuns, an indie rock supergroup made up of Chris Murphy of Sloan, Matt Murphy of The Super Friendz and Flashing Lights and Mike O’Neil of The Inbreds, have shared a free stream of ‘Throw It All Away’ from their self-titled debut, out on August 26 via Royal Mountain Records.

“I love this song because of its relay quality,” O’Neill said in a statement. “I sing the lead up till the chorus and then I pass it off to Matt who lifts it to another place. Chris backs me up in the second verse and finally Matt rips a very satisfying melodic solo. It’s very much a three hander.”

This follows the release of the first single ‘Mind Over Matter’, also streaming for free on your favorite music service.

The track has number one on CBC R2 and CBC R3. The band first came together at an all-star benefit show Hayden staged at Massey Hall in October 2015. Chris and Matt go back much further; Chris played drums for Super Friendz during Sloan’s hiatus in the mid 90’s. The band also takes their name from the acronym for Technical University of Nova Scotia, the school where Chris and Matt went for basketball games and science fairs.


1. Back Among Friends

2. Mixed Messages

3. Throw It All Away

4. Mind Over Matter

5. Look Who’s Back In Town Again

6. Lonely Life

7. Mind Your Manners

8. To Your Satisfaction

9. I Can’t Wait Forever