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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Brightness’ ‘Waltz’

“‘Waltz’ is a song of love and gratitude,” Alex Knight, aka Brightness, explained in a statement. “My friend Alex (Crosby) and I experimented using an oldĀ Akai 1/4″ Reel to Reel for this song. The tape itself had just about had it and you can hear another song bleeding through from one of its other tracks. It’s made up of one uninterrupted take using a single microphone, along with a mellotron part for the choruses that I overdubbed later.”
The Mclean Stephenson-directed video for the track matches the stripped-down sound. This is his second single, the second being ‘Oblivion’, which he also released a video for.
Knight got his start recording music on a water-damaged four-track cassette recorder and selling his music to his friends at school. He spent the profits in the cafeteria. After graduating from high school, he made the move from Australia to London. He toured the world as a drummer but living in the city ended up having a negative effect on him.
He moved back to Australia in 2015 where he began work in his debut Teething, out later this year, release date TBA.