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Videos for a Lazy Saturday: Clara Lofaro’s ‘Push’

Toronto-via-NYC artist Clara Lofaro has given fan a Christmas present in the form of the video for ‘Push’, the title track from her latest EP, out now.

James Koroni edited the video and she credits his vision and friendship in an e-mail. Joshua Katcher directed the vid for the track Lofaro co-wrote with Jordan Scanella, who also helped with filming the video. Koroni received an assist on editing the clip from Natalie Lomske.

She also announced a release show for Push;

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: A-Trak’s ‘Push’

The Ramon Ayala-directed video for A-Trak‘s ‘Push’ turns the party world inside out with a series of surreal scenes featuring producer TM88 of 808 Mafia, a group of semi-nude European models and a tiger.

“My approach to dance music has always been a bit left, so the last thing I wanted was one of those sparkler bottle ‘lets make this night live forever!’ videos,” A-Trak said in a statement. “Instead, I wanted to make something with the opulence of a rap video, but shot like a renaissance painting. It’s kind of like¬†Eyes Wide Shut¬†meets Burning Man.”