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Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Radio Room’s ‘Nobody Told You’

Dublin, Ireland’s Radio Room have shared the video for ‘Nobody Told You’, staring Laurence Kinlan, star of the popular Irish show Love/Hate.

The video has been selected to be shown at the Hollywood Sky Film Festival and Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest.

“We heard this story of a rich kid here in Ireland that loved hanging around in classy social circles and dressing fancy—but then he lost all his money and snapped before basically going on a rampage; eventually hiding in a government official’s house before being caught by police,” frontman Robbie Murphy said in a statement. “We never really could find the right person to play the role, but once we got into contact with Laurence we knew he’d have the right emotion for the job and he nailed it.”

The James Darkin-produced single serves as a bridge between Radio Room’s 2015 album 92||93 and their new album, which they’ve just started writing material for.

“(‘Nobody Told You’ is about) a time after our album release at home in Ireland when there was a falling out with a lot of mutual friends around us,” Murphy explained. “We learned to appreciate who we’re close with and who we can tell things to on a more emotional level – it’s actually a lot more positive than it seems!”