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Stream Small Circle’s ‘Spinning’ for Free

Small Circle‘s Marissa D’elia had this to say about this single ‘Spinning’, now streaming for free, in a statement;

“‘Spinning’ is about not being met with the same emotional effort you’re putting into a friendship/relationship yet still providing it against better judgement. Both verses come together to form this perfect juxtaposition of feeling exhausted but wanting to see that pain through.”

The track is taken from their album Cyclical, out one September 8 via Flower Girl Records/Triple Crown Records.

The band came together when Sorority Noise singer Cam Boucher recruited D’Elia for a new project in early 2016, despite never having heard her sing before, he still knew that she had a message to deliver.

They released their debut EP in April 2016. Even though Boucher was a music veteran, it was D’Elia’s first experience with a band.

“I definitely struggled with finding my voice,” D’Elia explained. “I have friends who have made some of my favorite music ever, and a lot of times I’d turn to Cam and say, ‘My favorite songs already exist’ or ‘This song I want to write already exists.’ He always told me to reach for more. A big thing was getting over perfection.”

“This album is me trying to decide what’s important to me, what’s been sitting on my heart and how I want to use my voice,” she continued. “Cam said I have important things to say, and every time I’m writing, I go back to that.”

Small Circle will head out on the road in support of the album in late summer/early fall. Catch them on the following dates;

1. We Belong Here
2. Vague Consensus
3. Spinning
4. Mornings
5. Point Breeze
6. Ritual
7. Stuartess
8. Futile
9. Cooler Mood
10. About You