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NeXT Unleashes a Winter Showstorm

Calvin Love courtesy image

With everyone recovering from the holidays, not to mention Toronto recovering from the Great Ice Storm of 2013, going to see live music may be the last thing on many people’s mind.

But, legendary booker Dan Burke has offered up an absolutely killer line-up of shows in the coming weeks. To RSVP to the events on Facebook, click on the links provided.

Edmonton singer Calvin Love is part of the “Mac (DeMarco) Pack” is playing the Silver Dollar on December 28 with Beams, Henri Faberge and The Folk. Cover is $7.

New Year’s Eve at the Silver Dollar features a killer line-up at a low price, $10, with Bloodshot Bill, Milk Lines, Stella Ella Ola, Brews Willis, Christian Hansen and DJs Sianteuse & Johnny Rankin.

Gino Washington is playing the Horseshoe on January 11 with The BB Guns, Honeyrunners, The Two Times and Pins and Needles. Cover is $10.

NeXT and Elliott Jones will present Alex Calder, another member of the “Mac (DeMarco) Pack” at the Silver Dollar on January 3. The cover is $7.50 in advance at Rotate This, Soundscapes, the Horseshoe and online at Ticketfly. Blonde Elvis and Wish Pet Suns are also on the bill.

Burke will join forces with a number of local promoters for a series of shows called Class of 2014 featuring an “honour role” of up and coming indie artists at the Silver Dollar.

The first show is presented in partnership with Wavelength and features Fresh Snow, Del Bel, Mas and Anamai. Cover is $6.

The second Class of 2014 gig is presented in partnership with Silent Shout on January 17 and features Jef Barbara, Bizzarah, Lido Pimienta, Nyssa and Twist. Cover is $8. 

Mark Pesci presents the third edition with Red Mass, Cellphone, Dirty Frigs, Dilly Dally and Crhymes. The cover is $7.50 in advance at Rotate This, Soundscapes and online at Ticketfly.

Aaron Miller of Arts & Crafts Records presents the final edition with AKUA, Invasions, Language Arts, Ada Dahli and the Pallbearers and DJ Eytan Tobin. Cover is $7. 

Looking For a Place T.O. Happen, November 1 & 2

November kicks off with a couple good bet on the 1.

Crystal Antlers are rolling into The Silver Dollar for a gig with The Two Koreas and The Highest Order. RSVP here.

Or, head a little further west on College and kick-off Movember with the Joe Sh’Mo Shave-Down at Sneaky Dee‘s. h@tb faves Little Foot Long Foot are on the bill with Mad Ones and The Organ Thieves. It’s an early show with doors opening at 6:30 and LFLF hitting the stage at 7.

Cover is DWYC (Donate what you can) to Movember. RSVP here.

Hannah Georgas is rolling into The Great Hall for a show on November 2 with Louise Burns and Sam Cash and the Romantic Dogs. Cover is $17.50

Looking For A Place T.O. Happen, April 6

The Horseshoe has a solid line-up on April 6 with The Elwins‘ CD release party. They’ll be joined by By Divine Right, Will Currie And The Country French and Michael Rault. Cover is $10.

The Rattlesnake Choir are rolling into The Cameron House for an early evening show, it starts at 6 pm.

Or, head a little further up Spadina to The Silver Dollar for Montreal’s PyPy‘s Toronto debut. Pow-Wows, B-17 and Mexican Slang are also on the bill. Cover is $8.

Looking For A Place To Happen, February 21 & 22

The Vai Media Group celebrates its second anniversary with a gig at the Horseshoe on February 22 featuring Anna Cyzon, Babe, Cai.ro, Most People and The Blue Stones. Doors are 8:30 pm and it’s $10 at the door.

Saturday night sees a solid offering at The Silver Dollar with Huron, The Schomberg Fair and Biblical sharing the stage. Doors are at 9 pm and cover is $10 at the door.

Looking For A Place T.O. Happen, December 21

The world is supposed to end tomorrow so you might as well go and enjoy some live music before the apocalypse.

The Silver Dollar has a solid line-up featuring DisraelisMotel English, Triple Arcade, Autumn Stones and Mimico. Cover is $6.

In keeping with the apocalyptic theme, Jumple is holding their End of the World party at Rasputin Vodka Bar.

Looking For A Place T.O. Happen, December 14 & 15

Having been a big fan of Lily Frost for years, The Silver Dollar is the last venue I ever imagined her playing. But she is playing there alongside Gregory Pepper & His Problems, The Thieves, Among Millions and Bury The Hatchet on December 15. Cover is $7.

Fucked Up brings their Long Winter Program, Volume 2 to The Great Hall on the 15 along with Absolutely Free, the Highest Order, Dusted, Marine Dreams, The Weather Station, Single Mothers, Laura Barrett and Kristian Pedersen. Cover is PWYC and it’s an all-ages gig.

Hotly buzzed Montreal artist Mac Demarco will hit the Silver Dollar on the 15 for the XXXmas party. Actual Water, Cut Flowers, Unfinished Business and Dutch Toko are also on the bill. Cover is $10.

Finally, my good friend Octoberman is playing The Local.

Looking For A Place T.O.Happen, November 23 & 24

Let me preface this by saying that I realize that a majority of the football fans in Toronto this weekend for the 100th Grey Cup are going to be respectful and well behaved, it’s just the small minority of drunken douchebags that are going to ruin it.

But don’t let that stop you from heading out to catch some live music this weekend as there are several solid bets.

Pop With Brains is hitting the big four-oh at The Rivoli with a line-up that features Angela SainiThe Undrummer, the last gig from Secrettes, PWB founder Adymm Ender‘s band, Pale Eyes and The Cool Hands.

The event will also feature art from Louise Ferguson, Pursuade Me, Shane Heron, Laurie’s Crafty Creations, Andi Social’s Twist and Lily Monster Meat.

The cover is only $5 and all proceeds go to CAMH.

Saturday’s best, albeit pricey, bet is the always amazing Jenn Grant and Cuff the Duke at The Wintergarden Theatre. Tickets are $29.50 to $39.50 at Ticketmaster and Soundscapes.

The Highest Order and Wicked Witches are playing The Silver Dollar. Tix are $8 at Rotate This and Soundscapes and $10 at the door.

Montreal indie rock band Malajube is taking a break and Saturday night’s gig at The Horseshoe Tavern may well be one of your last chances to catch them for a while. Still Life Still are also on the bill with a third act TBA.

Tickets are $15 in advance at Rotate This, Soundscapes, ‘The ‘Shoe and Ticketmaster or $18 at the door.