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Stream The Naturalists’ ‘What Puts You to Sleep’ for Free

Buffalo’s The Naturalists have shared a free stream of ‘What Puts You to Sleep’ from their forthcoming debut EP Home Honey, I’m High, out on July 28.

This is the newest one on the EP, It’s a bit heavier and the lyrics are kind of cryptic. It’s about that weird feeling you get when you wake up after a dream, but you can’t remember the dream,” singer and guitarist Craig Perno explained in a statement. “Sometimes I’ll wake up with this weird feeling from a dream the night before but I can never remember the dream.”

The band came together when Perno recruited his brother Travis to lay down drum tracks on demos. They quickly recruited bassist Zach Russell who abandoned plans to attend college when he saw the band’s potential.

They recorded the album at Quiet County Audio with Paul Besch. Located just outside of their hometown, they didn’t let the extreme cold and heavy snow that battered the area and let it intensify the sessions as they wrote songs about realizing that a relationship is coming to an end and drinking.

The best songs come easier to us,” Pemo said. “It’s almost the motto we have as a band, if the song takes longer than twenty minutes to write, its probably not going to be a good song.”

Catch The Naturalists on the following dates;

07/31 The DEV In Utica, NY

08/01 Piano’s Lounge, New York, NY

08/02 John & Peter’s Place, New Hope, PA

08/05 Arsenal Lanes, Pittsburgh, PA


01. Slip

02. What Puts You to Sleep

03. Potions

04. Fortune, Always Turning