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Stream or Download YehMe2’s Remix of Ruth B’s ‘Lost Boy’ for Free

YehMe2, formerly of Flosstradamus, has offered a free stream of his remix of Ruth B‘s ‘Lost Boy’.

To download the track for free, click on the embedded Soundcloud file. He transforms the stark ballad into a dance floor-friendly cut. He’s been dropping a track a day as part of his “Beat-A-Day Part II” challenge during the month of May. Head to his Instagram to check out everything he’s offered so far.

YehMe2 has offered free streams/downloads of ‘gimme gimme 2’ and ‘ily2’ from his Steal This 2 mixtape;

To download the tracks for free, click on the embedded Soundcloud files.

Ruth B will play CBC Music Festival at Echo Beach in Toronto on May 27.

Stream or Download YehMe2′ s ‘Gimme Gimme’ for Free

YehMe2, aka¬†Josh Young from Flosstradamus, has dropped a free stream/download of ‘Gimme Gimme’.

To download the track, click on the embedded Soundcloud file.

Young has been releasing a track a day leading up to Steal This Mixtape coming out on June 1. The track samples Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA’ as well as audio from the closing moments of the video for the track.

He will offer previews of the tracks from the release on his Instagram.